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People don't see our hearts at first glance, they see our faces and what we're wearing; ladies, let us leave an impression.

Everything Girls Like Boutique was started by Coleen.

"I can be very introverted, especially when i am around "new people", however what i'm wearing has always been the ice breaker. I like bold, unique and classy clothing that speaks for themselves.

Owning a fashion brand was always a dream. After several  business attempts over the years, a closet of ''nice'' clothes I almost never wore, I knew I needed to do something about my fashion and shopping obsession.

  2019 I finally came up with a solution. How about I start shopping for women like me. Women often ask me where I purchase my outfits. Instead of being a free walking advertisement for other companies, how about I create a brand that represents me and something I’m passionate about. My goal is to bring unique, fashionable, fun, on-trend, affordable clothes and accessories to women. Every female deserves to be trendy, classy and of course sexy. Im  dedicated to not only help females to feel good on the inside but even look better on the outside.

We offer a variety of products on our store and continue to widen our assortment.We're constantly researching the market to make sure at all times we provide quality products at competitive prices. You can be certain that all transactions with us are timely, safe, and hassle free. We value our reputation and aim  to deliver superb customer satisfaction. Each product is picked, inspected and packaged by us.

Every time you place an order , no matter how many times, I do a little dance. And every order I package I do it with great pride and  joy. I hope you love the pieces I’ve selected  for you and we'll become lifelong shopping buddies. More to come"......