Covid19 Prevention Steps

As news of the spread of the COVID-19, novel coronavirus, continues to dominate the public domain, we wanted to bring you up to speed on measures we are taking to keep our workspace  as safe as possible.

Please note that all orders are still being shipped as long as USPS and UPS are working. However you might realise that in some cases shipping speed might not be as fast as we'd like. Most of our suppliers warehouses are not open everyday therefore some shipments from them to us might be delayed especially if it is a preordered item. If you have any concerns about your orders, do not hesitate to contact us. Someone is always available online to assist. We ask that you remain patient and understanding as we too are trying our best to be cautious while ensuring that all orders are shipped; as timely as possible.

We are constantly cleaning and sanitising our workspace and washing our hands. We sanitise all packages when they're delivered to us and allow them to sit in a warm place for several days as we're told that the virus cannot survive on packages for very long.

I have been cautiously packaging all orders by myself all while wearing masks and gloves.

We appreciate your business and ask that you and your family do what you can to remain safe and healthy as we're going through this crisis together.

I appreciate and value everyone of you. Thank you for rocking with us through the good and the difficult times. Im looking forward to continue to provide unique fashion for the sexy yet chic,  without limitations....Stay safe and healthy. More to come

Coleen (C.E.O)

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